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Quality and Compliance

Rigorous quality control procedures are installed through dual action in France and in China. The French Quality Department ensures the quality, safety and compliance of products according to current regulations. The Chinese Quality Control Office, managed by French personnel, supervises the production sites.

Nearly 50 employees dedicated to quality assurance in France and China.To evaluate the compliance and safety of its products, CMP works with independent, registered laboratories:


This adhesion commits us

- alongside recognised companies
- to comply with the ethical and social principles set out in relation to human rights and working conditions for the entire international supply chain.

Since 2012 , CMP has participated in various standardization projects with AFNOR *, as a member and / or member-expert

From 2012 to 2013: standard NF D 21-901, relating to culinary siphons (published in November 2013)

From 2013 to today: standardization commission on toys (AFNOR S5IC)

Since 2016: standardization commissions N ° UF108 and UF61, relating to electronic equipment in the fields of toys, audio, video, information and communication technologies
* AFNOR, French official body



* AFNOR, the official French standardization body, is responsible for missions
of general interest to organize and participate in the development of French standards,
European or international. AFNOR is a member of the Organization
International Standardization (ISO) with which it represents France.

CMP Group Visiotheque catalogue bibliotheque virtuelle
CMP Group Visiotheque catalogue bibliotheque virtuelle

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