Product inspection

All production sites are inspected. Each one

displays a draw number in order to make

product traceability


Quality, an absolute requirement, central to our business

Rigorous quality control measures are in place, with monitoring done in both China and France.

The French Quality Department ensures the quality, safety and compliance of products according to current regulations.

The Chinese Quality Control Office (managed by French personnel) supervises the production sites.

More than 50 employees dedicated to quality assurance in France and China.

To evaluate the compliance and safety of its products, CMP works with independent, registered laboratories.

Our commitment, to comply with the Business Social 
Compliance Initiative

We are dedicated – alongside well-known companies

– to respect the established ethical and social principles,

in relation to human rights and working conditions,

throughout the international supply chain

Our branch in Ningbo - 50 associates

Consumer demand in terms of product quality and safety has been accompanied by a hardening of the criteria for market launches, the consequence of which has been a modification of the role of importer. The decision in 2007 to establish a branch in China devoted to quality has come about as a necessity for our business dealings.

Run by a French management team, the main role of this office is monitor the quality of  manufactured products.

Description :

  • 5 French managers (Supervisory)

  • Production monitoring: 25 staff including 3 managers and one office for quality inspection with 22 inspectors

  • Follow-up for purchasing and consignments: 10 staff including one manager, 8 purchasing coordinators, and one person in charge of authenticating consignments

  • Administrative staff: 10 people

  • Presentation areas (showrooms)

Monitoring at each stage of production:

Preliminary audits on production sites, wherever their location in China.

Monitoring and checking of production stages.

Specific testing for technical and sensitive products. 

Monitoring and sample testing during production.

Monitoring and authentication at the end of production.

Authentication of consignments.


Head Office CMP Paris FRANCE

Z.I. Le Carré des Aviateurs, 

157, avenue Charles Floquet, Bât 4C/4D, 

93150 Le Blanc-Mesnil



Floor 20th, Yue Hu Yin Zuo Building Nan Zhan Dong Lu 16
Hai Shu Qu. 315010 NINGBO
Zhejiang Province.